Marriage and Relationships

Love, relationships and God

The starting point in our five churches is to affirm committed relationships built upon love because we believe that where faithful, self-giving love is, there God is, as the verse on the left tells us! We also believe that there is always the possibility of new beginnings when things have gone wrong in the past. So we think marriage is a great idea and want to help people to build life-long relationships.

Four out of the five churches are licenced for marriage ceremonies (only St Luke’s at the chapel is not able to do this). There are certain legal restrictions regarding marriage which we are bound by. To find out more about this, as well as to discover a lot of really useful information about marriage in the Church of England, we suggest you check out this link. But even if you think you might have run into a restriction, do contact the Rector anyway (details below) as there is often a way to do things that might not be immediately obvious. There are statutory fees which are charged for all weddings.

We like to affirm and encourage all kinds of faithful and loving relationships, and so are also keen to help people celebrate anniversaries or new beginning, renew vows, mark special occasions or bless people in any way we can. Again, get in touch with the Rector and things can be taken from there.