Bereavement and Funerals

Loss and Grief

Because we love, when we lose somebody, we hurt. In the five churches we don’t offer cheap answers or easy solutions, but we will try to walk with those who go through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’. The Christian hope in the midst of suffering is that the suffering God, seen in Christ, is with us. However, we have no conditions attached to the support we offer, and it makes no difference to us whether someone is ‘religious’ or not. We will similarly offer unconditional support to you if you wish to arrange a funeral.


We will support you if you need someone to help you through and/or officiate at a loved one’s funeral. Anyone in the parishes is legally entitled to a funeral in church, regardless of church attendance or affiliation, and we will try to help everyone else too. Equally, a minister can officiate at the local crematorium or other arrangements may be made in conversation with a funeral director. There are statutory costs involved which are normally included with the funeral director’s fee.

Contact the Rector (below) if you need to talk about any kind of loss or if you wish to arrange a funeral, and see here for further helpful information.